What Great Managers Do Differently

To triumph over the inclusive confrontation for the prospective clients, it is vital for the organizations to choose great managers with positive perception and self initiative capabilities. Let’s start by defining “Great Managers”. Definitions may have different variants, but the concept remains the same. Great Managers are those personnels who delivers quality work output by reducing the teams/departments work load via proper allocation of resources when required. This comes with experience. Getting used to the process and acquiring skills is what separates them from the ordinary. So what they do differently to make things happens. What do great managers actually do? Let’s have a walk through the process.

Wake up before sunrise

Its sunshine, the most weighed decree that we hear on misty mornings. We all wake up in different timings right? Do you know what they do differently? They find more hours a day by waking up before sunrise. It gives them that extra hour to spend. To spend upon work, to spend up on family, to spent up on their research and the result will succeed. Stewart Butterfield, Co-Founder & CEO of Slack speaks about the span of life we all have which is too short to do mediocre work and is even shorter to build worthless things. That’s how it works. That’s what they believes.

Exercise daily

Daily exercise keeps their body and mind fresh. They turn out to be more an optimistic person rather than being negative at situations. Exercise lets them to sweat in the morning and makes them even healthier that before on a day by day basis. Fresh mind always produces fresh ideas. It’s not the muscles that grow which forms you, but it’s the brain that vibes on situations.

Break conventional wisdom

They always have their own way. Their own way for process execution, their own way of development and motivation. They always break the conventional systems, not by a blind step. But rather a quite preplanned agenda that favors the current situation. “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” That’s what Mr. Warren Buffett, Chairman & CEO of Berkshire-Hathaway says about it. They always foresee the road that no one has ever taken, that is what makes them great.

Delegate tasks based on employee capability

Getting to know their team’s capability is one of the pivotal qualities that a good manager must possess. Then he can assign tasks as per their capability and standards. Quality resource allocation results in quality output. So the better delegator will always turn out to be the best manager. Donald Rumsfeld, former Secretary of Defense says, “Don’t be a bottleneck. If a matter is not a decision for the President or you, delegate it. Force responsibility down and out. Find problem areas, add structure and delegate. The pressure is to do the reverse. Resist it.” Because when you delegate tasks, followers are evolved. When authority is delegated great managers are created.

Day end update

You know what it means right? The final update that you produce at the end of the day. They analyze the report. They ask employees to combine their interim work updates and force them to produce a real one, rather than the one we usually cooks up for the conclusion. They interact with the employees and push them for the update. How does these updates help? It helps both the employees and managers to analyze the task situation and act accordingly. Jack Dorsey, Co-Founder & CEO of Twitter and Square speaks out that his goal is to simplify complexity. He wanted to build stuff that really simplifies our base human interaction. That’s how the Twitter evolved.

Leave office on time

Here comes the real part. Leaving things behind for the day. They won’t stretch their office hours in real time. They demands results in quick successions. It not only produces timely work output, but also increases the team members’ caliber and competency. They leave office on time, but they won’t make any priority tasks pending for the given day. Work according to timing and bringing out the result is what matters.

Spend time with the family

The foremost thing they do is spending time with their family. Believe me. This is the most helpful medicine to not only decrease work pressure but also to rise again each day with unmatched enthusiasm and charisma. Family is where we all belongs. Your passions, dreams, courage, everything. That’s how they succeed each day without any interruption and without losing hope.

Yes, these are quite common. But it is the combination of these what makes them stand out. That’s how greatness is achieved. Great managers take responsibility, not only their own but also of their team’s also. They trust their own people. Not on their inabilities, but on their capabilities. Because great achievers are driven, not by force but by situations, situations that they themselves created to rise. Rise for occasion, rise for life and to conquer their own hearts.

So hear from the voice of the COO of Facebook Mrs. Sheryl Sandberg,

“The goal is to work toward a world where expectations are not set by the stereotypes that hold us back, but by our personal passion, talents and interests.”

Cheers! @akhi_official



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